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Intarsias, decoratives

What is an intarsia? It is an inlay made from different kind of wood. And how it’s made? We cut out the wanted pattern along its outline from the veneer and we fill in the missing surface with a different kind, different coloured and different designed veneer. These variances of colours and offsets make up the surface of our intarsias.

These inlays can be made of:

Pre-tinted veneer can be used also for create the image or motif, but the specialists try for reach their work not to be made from natural tinted materials. So the making of intarsias is a quite meticulous process and requires lots of patience and time too. Because of the previous reasons, in the case of finishing furniture, we do the most especial surface handling, varnishing, which is also a meticulous, multiple work, but the upshot is delighting!

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